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placed under proper conditions and in sufficient quantity, is a powerful bactericidal agent. Such action, however, is limited to the surface of objects with which it comes in contact, scabies stromectol its penetrating power being practically nil. From the inauguration of this method of gaseous disinfection up to the present buy stromectol online time, many different forms of apparatus for producing and evolving formaldehyde gas have been devised and introduced into use. The writer has had abundant opportunitv for experimental inves- order stromectol tigation with manv of these forms of apparatus. The object of the work here presented was to ascer- tain from a bactericidal standpoint the comparative value of various methods of evolving the eras, so that from his own experience the author might be able to select therefrom, for his own stromectol canada use. that upon which the greatest confidence is to be stromectol price placed. Methods tested. — The original method of evolv- ing formaldehyde gas by the incomplete oxidation of methyl alcohol over a white-hot platinum spiral has for many reasons fallen into disuse. Practically none of the apparatus now in use are constructed v.pon this principle. The various apparatus for pro- ducing formaldehyde gas now employed are based upon one or stromectol buy another of the four following princi- ples : I. Heating formalin (40 per cent, aqueous solution of formaldehyde gas) under pressure at a point above ioo°C. 2. Heating formalin not under pressure at ioo°C. 3. Heating paraform to a suffi- cient stromectol uk temperature for the evolution of the gas. 4. Mixing formalin with some other substance, and by chemical combination setting the gas free. As rep- resentative of these principles the following methods stromectol for scabies were tested in this work: i. buy cheap ivermectin Trillat autoclave. stromectol purchase 2. Heating formalin in stromectol 3 mg an open vessel over a powerful flame. 3. Paraform tablets. 4. Potassium perman- ganate method, as proposed by Evans and Russell. 5. Lime method, as proposed by H. V. Walker. Bacteriological technic employed. — As a test or- ganism, the Bacillus pyocyancus was used. Cotton threads one inch in length were moistened with a twenty-four-hour bouillon culture of this organism. These threads were air-dried for forty-eight hours. After drying, ten threads cheap stromectol for each experiment were kept as controls, and the balance (known as "test threads") were exposed to the gas for the time indi- cated in the tables below. After this exposure, each control and test thread was placed in a tube of ster- ile Dunham's ivermectin stromectol peptone solution and incubated at 37-5°C. for four days. At the expiration of this time a green color in the tube was regarded as sig- nifying growth of the Bacillus pyocyancus. In those tubes in which no green color was thus produced the Bacillus pyocyancus was regarded as dead. The room used for exposure to the eas was of a capacity of 786 cubic feet. Before the exposure all openings around windows, doors, etc., were carefully plugged with raw cotton. Conclusions. — The annexed tables show that by far the best comparative bactericidal results stromectol for lice were obtained by the lime method. The writer would order stromectol online state, in closing, that the bacteriological technique used in this work was selected by him after extended experience with other methods as recommended by various observers as that by the use of which the smallest error is possible. Whether or not his opinion in this respect stromectol online be correct has no effect buy cheap stromectol upon the validity of these observations, since all the methods were subjected to precisely the same tech- nique. The comparative value of the various meth- ods, which was the author's intent, was therefore correctly obtained. The results obtained are shown in the following tables : TABLE I. Method •0 II •oS ss ■hs °2^ Time of exposure to gas from begin- ning of evolution M 1 s S3 .g u buy ivermectin x: 8 •0 1" JSI.S ■o d 2 0" z a Co Autoclave 60Z. 786cu.ft. ismin. 6hrs. 10 ^oo 0% 42.4% Open boiling of formalin 60Z. 786cu.ft. 2omin. 6hrs. 10 <;oo il »i.6% Paraform tablets. 1000 ST. 786cu.ft. lihrs. 6hr5. generic stromectol 10 SOO Potassium pcr-

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