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International Cancer Conference. — At the In- ternational Cancer Conference held at Heidelberg and Frankfort-on-the-]kIain during the first days of the month, the most notable feature was the formal opening of the where to buy tetracycline new Cancer Institute at Heidelberg, of which Professor Vincent Czerny is the director. After holding the chair of surgery in the University of Heidelberg for many years, Czerny, on October i, resigned his post in order to carry out his long-projected plan of devoting the remainder of his life to the study of 500 mg tetracycline acne cancer. The institute has been planned in all its details b}^ Czerny, who also contributed largely to the fund necessary for its erection and equipment. It com- prises a complete hospital organization, together with elaborate laboratory facilities for the most advanced research work. Hydrophobia in Germany. — In the year 1905 368 cases of injury through rabid or suspectedly rabid animals were officially reported in Prussia. Of the patients 71.2 per cent, were males and 28.8 per cent, were females. The injuries were for the most part caused by dogs, though seven were infiicted by cats, four by cattle, and two by horses. In five cases there was no bite, infection occurring in the course of tending the rabid ani- mal, and in one instance at the autopsy on such an animal. Of the 368 patients, 323, or 87.8 per cent., were treated at the Pasteur Institute in Berlin ; of the forty-five others twenty-two were treated at home and twenty-three received no treatment whatever. Eleven deaths occurred, three of the patients having received Pasteur injections, and the others having been treated at tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg home or left untreated. That is, the 323 inocu- lated patients exhibited a mortality of less than I per cent., while of the forty-five others 17.8 per cent. died. Increase of Immigration. — During the six months ending September 30, 682,560 immigrants were admitted to this country, as compared with 595,484 in the same period of last year, and 458,- 683 in 1904. The figures for this j-ear indicate an increase of 49 per cent, over the immigration in 1904. In the six months named, 9,236 persons were debarred. Of the total immigration in that period 157,240 persons came from Russia. Dur- ing the month of September 95,341 immigrants were admitted and 1,052 deported. Professor Ernest Wertheim (Professor generic version of tetracycline of Gynecology in the University of Vienna) recently spent a week in Chicago as the guest of the Chi- cago Gynecological Society. He gave clinics at the Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, and the Presbyterian Hospital. He was enter- tained by Dr. Gustav Kolischer at a dinner given at the Chicago Beach Hotel, and by Dr. Franklin H. Martin at a luncheon at the Union League Club. A banquet was given in his honor, October 10, by the Chicago Gynecological Society, where can i buy tetracycline at the close of which he read a paper before a joint meet- ing of the Chicago IMedical and Chicago Gyneco- logical Societies, entitled "Radical Abdominal Operation in Carcinoma of the Cervix Uteri," Dr. Alfred Schalek of Chicago has been ap- pointed Professor of Dermatology and Genitouri- nary Diseases in the Medical College of the Uni- versity of Nebraska, Omaha, and has moved to that city. Malaria in Greece. — The excessive prevalence of malaria in Greece is said to be checking the development of the country to a serious degree. Out of a population of 2,500,000 there have been 250.000 cases of malaria annually, with about 1,760 tetracycline 500mg capsules deaths. Last year the number of cases in- creased to 960,000, and the deaths to 5,916, Prof. Savas, of the University of Athens, and physician to King George, is initiating a movement to deal with the plague, and has recently been to tetracycline mgd Liverpool to consult with Dr. Ronald Ross of the School of Tropical Medicine regarding the best means of mosquito extermination. Contract Work in the Oranges. — The physi- cians of the Oranges have united in an effort to abolish contract practice, and at a recent meeting of the Practitioners' Society of the Oranges the members agreed not to enter into obligations of this sort. Resolutions Against Newspaper Doctors. — At a meeting held September 25 the Decatur (111.) Medical Society decided that the names of mem- bers should not be mentioned in connection with medical matters in the daily press, and that, if such notice should appear, the physician in ques- tion would be requested to explain at the next meeting of the Society. Society to Abate the Smoke Nuisances. — Ac- cording to the Ar.icrican Machinist about forty city smoke inspectors held a convention in Detroit re- cently for the purpose of forming a National Asso- ciation of Smoke Inspectors. Insane Journalism. — A dispatch from Vienna announces that the inmates of the new insane asylum at Alaueroeling, one of the largest in the world, have started a newspaper. The first number declares that it is published "by the mad for the mad," but the contents are said to be surprisingly like those of most papers. Accidental Death at 117 Years. — The death is reported from Frankfort, Ky., of a colored woman named Anne Jane Mitchell, who was fatally burned at the age of 117 years online tetracycline on October 11. Her hus- band, who died recently, is stated to have been a centenarian. The Yield of Radium.— It is stated that the radium mines at Joachimstal, tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne in Austria, recently doxycycline tetracycline supplied the Vienna Academy of Science with ten tons of uranium ore, and this has yielded a very large amount of radium, which is to be used for tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg research. The mines are being converted into a radium cure resort. A local laboratory for pro- ducing radium salts has been established, and the springs are serving as medicinal baths. Presidio Hospital Burned. — The large two- story military hospital at the Presidio, Monterey, Cal., was burned on October 14, and damage amounting to $50,000 was caused. The buying tetracycline online fire was started by the explosion of a tank of gasoline at the rear of the building. The patients were all removed in safety. County Hospital for San Jose. — The super- visors of Santa Clara County, Cal., have approved the plans for a new county hospital to be 500 mg tetracycline rosacea built at San Jose at an expense of $50,000. Long Island Throat Hospital and Ear Infirm- ary. — At the seventeenth annual meeting of this Oct. 20, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. t)21 organization, recently held, Dr. C. T. Schondel- meier was elected president for the ensuing year. The report of the surgeon-in-chief, Dr. D. Morris WooUey, showed that there were treated during the last year 496 new cases, with 1,800 revisits, making a total of 2,296 cases treated. There were given 1,080 free prescriptions, and 337 operations were performed upon the nose, throat, eye, and ear. Suffolk County (N. Y.) Medical Society.— The annual meeting of this society will be held at Rivcrhcad, October 25, 1906. Officers will be elected under the new by-laws. The president is Dr. W. H. Ross of Brentwood, and the secretary is Dr. Frank Overton of Patchogue. Council Bluffs (Neb.) Medical Society. — At the annual meeting of this society the following officers tetracycline 250 mg acne were elected : President, Dr. tetracycline mail order Daniel Jack- son ; [ ice-President, Dr. R. B. Tuffs ; Secretary, Dr. J. H. Cleaver ; Treasurer, Dr. F. \V. Dean. Obituary Notes. — Dr. Rand.\ll Croft Stoney of San Francisco was instantly killed by being crushed in a car accident in that city on October i. Dr. Stoney was a man of more than ordinary ability, and had attained unusual prominence for a man of his age. He was just thirty-one years old, and but recently married. He was born in Charleston, S. C, studied there and in New York, graduating from the Medical College of North Carolina in 1897, and served in the Spanish war. He was a member of the California State and San Francisco County med- ical societies, and assistant in gynecology at the Oak- land College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Henry A. Laurent of this city died on Oc- tober 12 of nephritis, at the age of forty-three years. He was born in .Alsace-Loraine and was educated at Heidelberg. He came to this country when he was twenty-three years old, and obtained his degree in medicine at the University of New York. Dr. GuiDO Katzen MAYER of this city died on October 13 after an illness of several weeks' dura- tion. He was born in Germany in 1832, and was educated at Heidelberg and Wiirzburg. He came to New York in 1853, and practised medicme here until his death, except from 1865 to 1878, during which time he was abroad. Dr. Robert Schmeltzer of Brooklyn died on October 11 at the age of fifty-five years. He was well known as an oculist, and was prominent in German social life. Dr. John W. Dryer of Milwaukee, Wis., died on October 5 in Reedsburg, at the age of forty years. He was graduated from the Milwaukee Medical College in 1901, but for the past two years buy tetracycline 500mg had been unable to practise, owing to illness. Dr. Morse Stewart of Detroit died on October 9, at the age of eighty-eight years. He was born in Penn Yann, N. Y., and received his education at Hamilton College and at Geneva Medical College, from which he was tetracycline 250mg tablets graduated in 1840. He came to practise in Detroit shortly afterward, when the city had little more than 10,000 inhabitants. Dr. .'Vnthony J. buy tetracycline Weitenberxer of Detroit died on October 8 of typhoid fever after a three weeks' illness. He had practised in the north end for about eight years. Dr. G. S. Armstrong of Spokane, Wash., died on October 2, at the age of forty-eight years, after an illness of several months' duration. He had resided in Spokane six years, coming there from Northport, Wash. cheap tetracycline Previously he had practised in Olympia. He was a member of the State Board of Health, and was an active member of the Washing- ton State Medical Association. Dr. T. J. Scott of Alvin, Tex., met with death by accidental drowning in Galveston Harbor on October i. Dr. Scott was sixty-eight years of age, and had practised in .Alvin for many years. Dr. James Stewart of Montreal died on October 6, as the result of an apoplectic stroke. Dr. Stewart was born in 1846, and, after receiving his medical degree from McGill University at the early age of twenty-two years, spent several years in study abroad. He was admitted a licentiate of the Royal

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