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College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1883. He had practised many years in Montreal, and was rec- ognized Thorazine Iv as an authority on nervous diseases. Up to 1 89 1 he was professor of materia medica and thera- peutics at McGill, and in that year succeeded Dean Ross in the chair of clinical medicine. In 1903 he was elected president of the Association of Ameri- can Physicians. DIGESTION OF STARCH BY INFANTS. To THE Editor of the Medical Record;- Sir: — In a friendly spirit, and anticipating that errors in my own logic may be pointed out, I venture to offer some criticism of an article by Dr. J. H. Lopez, on "Examination of the Eeces of Twenty-five Starch-fed Infants," in your issue of September 29. According to the author, we have the following results : Class A, fed on wheat grueJ, containing 1.5 per cent, of starch, feces, o.i per cent. Class B, fed on arrowroot, con- taining 2.5 per cent, of starch, feces, 5.1'per cent. Class C, fed on wheat and barley, containing 2 per cent, of starch, feces 2.7 per cent, .\side from purely analytical difficulties, which render it impossible to draw conclusions as to the digestion, unless considerable ditTerences exist between the income and outgo, the destruction of starch by bacteria must be discounted. Again, any such comparison should state the actual quantities of gruel administered Thorazine 25 Mg and feces passed. Excepting the first class, the food has evidently suffered a relatively greater abstraction of water than of starch, Thorazine Chlorpromazine and in Class B, if the feces were half the volume of the food, there would be no absorption of starch ; if a quarter the volume of the food, there would be a waste of 50 per cent, of the starch, and so on, without regard to destruction by bacteria. Another very important point is that the in- vestigations were apparently being carried on in a series of starving babies, who should have extracted almost every particle of nutriment. Babies from two to six months old norm.-illy consume from 900 to 1,150 c.c. of milk daily, cor- responding approximately to from 35 to 45 grams each of proteid, fat, and carbohydrate. The author does not Purchase Thorazine state how much the babies received, but it is scarcely conceivable that the bulk of gruel exceeded 2,000 c.c. daily. If this amount was exceeded, the gain in nutriment would be more than counterbalanced by the mechanical disadvantage. On the hypothesis that 2,000 c.c. of gruel was given daily. Class A received 30 grams of carbohydrate, about 9 grams of proteid, and practically no fat; Class B, 50 grams of carbo- hydrate and practically nothing else, and, for Class C, not enough data are at hand, although the ratio would prob- ably be about the same as for A. The article seems to imply that the "gruels" were water gruels. At least, arrow- root gruel is commonly made without milk, and for Class C, wheat and barley water are specified. If milk or other ingredients of organic nutritive value were incorporated in the gruels, Buy Cheap Thorazine the ratio would, of course, more nearly ap- proach the normal. Still, even if 50 per cent, of milk were used and the daily normal bulk were doubled, as has been estimated, we should have merely an increase of carbo- hydrate in Class B and of carbohydrate and, to a less degree, of proteid in Class A. Now, if water gruels were used, representing a very inadequate total amount of nutri- ment, the fact that anything more Thorazine Online than a trace of starch remained in the feces confirms the old idea that young infants cannot efficiently digest starch. According to time- honored teaching, the sixth month is taken to represent the approximate dividing line between inefficient and effi- cient starch digestion. Thus, the inclusion of one or two infants of about this age, in each series, would vitiate the premises, so far as conclusions bearing upon this point are concerned. . .- , . It may very well be that the author is quite justified in drawing the conclusion that he does, regarding the efficiency of starch digestion in infants, but he has not presented his evidence to warrant his conclusion. I would, therefore. Thorazine Bipolar 622 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 20, 1906 suggest that he state, for each infant, the age, bulk of ingesta, content of ingesta in starch or other carbohy- drate, proteid, and fat — average analysis tables for the various foodstuffs used would be sufficiently exact — bulk of feces, and actual amount of starch or sugar found in the feces. A. L. Benedict, M.D. Thorazine 200 Mg Buffalo. holder (saturated with 50 per cent, mixture) through the neck of the uterus — a relief which is very gratifying to the patient. Robert Mason, M.D. ExETERj N. H. TRACHOMA IN SCHOOL CHILDREN. To the Editor of the INIedical Record : Sir : — During the school session Generic Thorazine quite a number of tra- Buy Thorazine Online choma cases attend the various eye clinics for treatment, and since the method of school inspection by the Health Department has been in vogue the disease can be seen early and in all its stages. Trachoma, when seen early, is amena- ble to treatment, but it takes time. In the clinic I have seen very severe cases in which operation has been refused re- sult in cure under blue stone. The worst cases are met with in those children who have not as yet attended school. These cases are neglected, the parents often attributing the trouble to a cold. The inevitable result of this neglect is seen in corneal ulcers, opacities, and keratitis, with defec- tive vision later on. It is interesting to note that trachoma is rare in mountainous regions, and that negroes are less affected (a fact I have noticed at the clinic). There is a good deal of controversy as to whether trachoma is con- tagious from the beginning, some holding that it is not contagious until a discharge appears. Personally, I have seen four or five members of a family affected when there was no discharge and few granulations were present. There are two forms of the disease, acute and chronic. The former is rare; it is accompanied with a mucopurulent discharge which absorbs the granulations and thus cures itself. The chronic form is more common. By some the disease is believed to be due to a microorganism (the trachoma coccus). It is common to see children with Buy Thorazine severe cases of trachoma in whom no other complications are present, the cornea is clear, and also the conjunctiva; why that is Order Thorazine Online Purchase Thorazine Online I cannot state. As a result of the new tenement laws in this city and the education of the parents through the school children, trachoma is diminishing, and although the disease may never be stamped out, yet I believe that statis- tics will show in the future a marked decrease throughout the city, especially among school children. Abraham A. Goltman, M.D. 1409 Prospect Avenue, New York. SOME OF Order Thorazine THE USES OF CARBOLIC ACID. To the Editor of the Medical Record: Sir: — Having had, for the past eight years, some very satisfactory and unusual results from the use of carbolic acid, I send the following, feeling that the treatment ought to have a wider opportunity than can be given in a country practice. I have used carbolic acid (liquified crystals) in fourteen consecutive cases of diphtheria. Thorazine 10 Mg The acid is applied by saturating a piece of absorbent cotten (so it will not drip), fixed to a cotton holder, and smearing the tonsils till the surface turns white. This operation is to be repeated every day — sometimes, lightly, both morning and night. In four or five days the cure is complete. Every case of diphtheria I have ever had has terminated in recovery under this treatment. I have used the same treatment in tonsillitis, in a great many cases with perfect results, sometimes abort- ing the disease with one application. Enlarged tonsils and uvula (chronic inflammation) can be cured in the same way. I have also removed adenoids in the same manner. Papules, furuncles, and carbuncles can be aborted if touched before suppuration has occurred. I have injected several encysted tumors of the back with pure acid and have seen them disappear without any pain or inconvenience to the patient. I have used a 50 per cent, mixture of the acid with water (on cotton, with holder) and thrust the cotton through a polypus of the nose, and also through uterine polypi, and have destroyed them with one or two treatments. Warts may be removed by touching with carbolic acid on a dull-pointed stick. Toothache can be relieved almost instantly by applying about one-half a drop to the exposed nerve with a camels- hair pencil. I have touched the tonsils lightly in whooping-cough, scarlatina, and in some cases of tuberculosis, and have had results that were suggestive of further trial in these dis- eases. Ulcers of the mouth of the womb can be cured by using this mixture — sometimes the pure acid. I have relieved dysmenorrhea a great many times by passing the cotton on OUR LONDON LETTER., (From Our Special Correspondent.) ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY, 4OOTH ANNIVERSARY, ROYAL CEREMONY — ARE CELTS PRONE TO LUNACY? — NOISES FROM A SANITARY ASPECT — POOR-LAW INSTITUTIONS FOR SPECIAL DISEASES — VACCINATION — LONDON UNIVERSITY — OPEN-AIR LEAGUE — THE LATE DR. HENRY TWEEDY. London, September 28, 1906. Aberdeen has all this week drawn to itself the chief atten- tion of medical, scientific, and literary circles. The prepara- tions for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of its University have been for some time a familiar theme of surprise or praise, and Chlorpromazine Thorazine now the great function, including the opening of the new Marischal College by the King and Queen, which took place yesterday, is matter of history. The foundation dates from 1495, when Thorazine 50 Mg Pope Alexander VI issued the Bull which resulted a few years later in the es- tablishment of King's College ; a century later Marischal College was founded by the fifth earl of that name. The two were only amalgamated in i860. At present arts and divinity have their home in King's and medicine in Mar- ischal. It is the latter which is the occasion of no small part of the proceedings, for it has been practically rebuilt and is said to be the largest granite structure in the world, the Thorazine 100 Mg whole of the buildings being of the famous granite of Aberdeen. The tower which dominates all at a height ol 235 feet, the gift of Mr. Mitchell, a graduate, is in the Gothic style of the English perpendicular period, the lines of which are finely displayed in the hard granite. I hear that the cost has been from £150,000 to £200,000. Delegates and visitors from all countries, not a few from the L'nited States, have thronged the city all the week and had their share in the rejoicings and entertainments lavishly provided by the University, the city, and the inhabitants. The official commemoration began with service in the University chapel at King's College on Tuesday, and a remarkable procession of delegates in academic robes through the Thorazine Uses principal streets to the Strathcona Hall, erected by Lord Strathcona for the purpose of accommodating 2,400 guests his lordship has invited to a great banquet, and to serve other parts of the celebrations. Arrived at the hall, every seat — and it holds 4,000 — was quickly occupied, and Lord Strathcona, as Chan- cellor of the University, welcomed the assembly as a world- parliament of universities, animated by a single-minded desire to congratulate the ancient one which had kept the sacred torch of learning burning brightly for four centu- ries. The presentation of addresses occupied nearly two hours. In the evening a great banquet was given by the Lord Provost and Municipality. On Wednesday the chief event was the conferring of hon- orary degrees in Marischal College, presided over by the Chancellor, Lord Strathcona, supported on the right by the principal. Prof. Lang, and on the left by Sir F. Treves as Lord Rector of the year. Eighteen degrees of D.D. were given and 114 of LL.D. Among the latter were naturally representatives of science and medicine. Of these last, Sir

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