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F. Laking, physician to the King, who is only just conva- lescent from a severe illness, received quite an ovation, ex- pressing the sympathy and pleasure of the great audience. Afterwards there was a reception by the University chiefs at King's College of more than 4,000 guests, and athletic sports by the students in the recreation grounds. In the evening a reception in the art gallery and a ball in the music hall by the students. But the great day was yester- day, when the King and Queen went to Aberdeen for the opening ceremony. At the boundary their majesties were received by the municipal authorities. The Lord Provost presented the ofloxacin tinidazole keys to the King, which were returned with a word or two, a great procession was formed and passed through about two miles of crowded masses of Aberdee- nians to Marischal College. Here an address upon the University was read and the King, having replied, declared the new buildings open. Thereupon the University Choral Society struck up a psalm, in the singing of which the King and ail the assembly joined. The Dean of the faculty offered prayer, and afterward a great number of presenta- tions to their majesties buy tinidazole were made of the staff and others connected with the L^niversity. Then came an unusual but pathetic incident. A poor man on crutches was brought and the King fasigyn tinidazole pinned on his breast the Albert medal, warmly tinidazole giardia shaking his hand. The medal vras awarded for a brave attempt to save an old rnan from a railway train, the recipient, Robert Munro, bemg crippled in the effort. After inspecting the new buildnig the King and Queen went to the municipal tinidazole online buildings, where Oct. 20, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 623 the Lord Provost provided luncheon and was knighted. An address from the corporation was also received. On returning to the station, their majesties were again ac- claimed by the population, and at a point near the Prince Consort's statue three hundred veterans of the Crimean and later wars were massed and made their cheers heard. The Cliancellor's great banquet, mentioned above, took place in the evening, and it is declared to have equaled ex- pectations. He also gave £500 to the municipality to feast the poor of the city. The streets were illuminated and there was norfloxacin and tinidazole a grand display of fireworks at the Links. To- day the program includes excursions to various places of interest, a reception at the Royal Infirmary tinidazole tablets of members of the medical profession, an "at home" in Marischal College, and a students' symposium in the music hall. Correspon- dents say that the north of Scotland has enjoyed magnifi- cent weather all the season, rain falling only once this month, and the tradition of King's weather having been justified yesterday. Is the Celtic race particularly prone to insanity? An affirmative answer seems to be the conclusion of inspectors in Ireland from an exhaustive report they have presented to the Lord Lieutenant, on the alleged increase of insanity in that country. They state that the statistics of other countries even more than those of Ireland itself point to the fact that it is so, notwithstanding the undoubted intel- lectual gifts of the race. As to whether insanity is actually or only apparently on the increase, the inspectors say the statistics do not afford information on which a tinidazole vs metronidazole definite con- clusion can be based. It is obvious, however, that they lean to the opinion that the great numerical increase, as shown by the census and the statistics of public institu- tions, represents an apparent rather than an actual increase, for they attribute it largely to the accumulation taking place in public asylums, party to a reduction of population by emigration, partly to the return of emigrants suffering from breakdowns, who have come back voluntarily or been repatriated by the United States, and they remark that the emigration of the strong and healthy, among whom the ratio would have been small, increases that of those left behind and further lowers the standard of mental and bodily health by eliminating many of those best fitted to survive and propagate the race. As to causes, next to heredity (itself sometimes the direct result of alcoholic excess in the progenitor), intemperance continues to head the list. The statistics also show that general paralysis of the insane, at one time almost unknown in Ireland, is increasing in purchase tinidazole online the populous districts. At the same time it is less prevalent than in other countries, and in the rural districts practically nonexistent. This, they think, is perhaps to a large extent due to the high standard of sexual morality which obtains all over Ireland. Dr. Hyslop of Bridewell and Bethlehem Hospitals read an interesting paper at the recent conference of sanitary in- spectors, in which he dealt with "Noise in Its Sanitary Aspect." In some industries, he remarked, excessive noise set up deafness as a protection to the brain tracts. But beyond such cases our brains are fully exposed by night and day to whatever stimulus may fall upon the auditory mechanism, and Londoners know what these stimulants ari. Referring to some recent statements respecting the number of hours of sleep needed by different persons and classes. Dr. Hyslop said the actual number of hours of unconsciousness was of little importance, compared to those of brain rest. Those who slept longest were not necessarily the most refreshed. The restorative power of sleep is more due to quality than quantity. Complete insomnia for more than four weeks terminated in mental or even physical death. As to causes, nothing ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets in city life, except order tinidazole worry, was ciprofloxacin and tinidazole more apt to produce brain unrest and its sequels than the incessant stimulating of the brain through the auditory organs. He would put down many of the noises by stringent legislation. Street cries, horns, whistles, chimes, signals, and so on, were only nuisances night and day. Improved roads, rubber tires, and public control over noisy vehicles, were generic tinidazole required, and the tinidazole norfloxacin restric- tion of heavy traffic to certain roads and hours, should be enforced. Sir J. Crichton Browne, who presided, remarked that nothing was more distracting than cock-crowing; Car- lyle was troubled by it, and a Scotch poet changed his residence on account of it. He had himself been troubled by a bantam of indefatigable habits. There was, however, a story of an old woman who refused to sign a protest against steam sirens, as they reminded her of the last trump. Mr. Duck, in proposing a vote of thanks, said it would be interesting to learn from Dr. Hyslop the extent to which the motorist, with his goggles, noise, and driving costume, was disturbing the brain centers of the unfortunate pas- senger? on the highways. The Local Government Board has issued a circular letter to the London Board of Guardians, calling attention to their apparent want of appreciation of the homes and institu- tions, provided for children chargeable to the Unions who are suffering from eye and other diseases, and in need of special treatment or of sea air. The guardians are also reminded of the necessity of reports by their medical offi- cers as to children in the Unions whom they might recom- mend for treatment in these institutions. The annual report of the medical officer of the Local Government Board states that the better observance of the vaccination law, mentioned in last year's report, has been maintained. But buy cheap tinidazole the general upward tendency in the mat- ter of infantile vaccination has not been imiversal. Some counties show a higher percentage of "births vaccinated" than the country as a whole, and some counties remain below. .'\s with counties, so with Poor-Law Unions, the areas directly concerned in vaccination and ministration. Nevertheless, comparing the present and past, there is shown in both areas an advance to a higher grade of ac- ceptance of vaccination. Sir Edward Buck, Vice-Chancellor of the London Uni- versity, delivered the inaugural address at the opening session of Birkbeck College, on Wednesday evening. He said there were now 820 teachers in London recognized by the University — a far larger number than those at the Berlin University and Charlottenburg Institute combined. He believed the University of Lcmdon would become the largest and most influential on the face of the earth. The Open-Air League, formed early in this year, will open its first sanatorium colony in Essex in the next few weeks, for the accommodation of twenty-five patients, at an average cost of 25 shillings a week. Dr. Henry Tweedy of Dublin, the father of the profes- sion in Ireland, has died at the age of ninety-six. He re- tained ciprofloxacin tinidazole his vigor of body and mind up to this ripe age. But a few days before death he had a fall and sustained a fracture of the neck of the femur. He leaves his son. Dr. H. C. Tweedy, physician of Stevens' Hospital; Dr. Hastings Tweedy, the Master of the Rotunda, is a nephew. Sir W. Longlv is his son-in-law. Dr. Tweedy took the license of the College of Physicians in 1836 and the M.D., Glas., 1838. He always took great interest in all charitable ^nd religious works, and for many years these have been his chief ob- jects. Our venerable colleague carries with him the respect and affection of those who knew him. OUR CANADIAN LETTER. (From Our Special Correspondent.) OPENING OF MEDICAL COLLEGES — NEW PROVINCIAL BOARD OF HEALTH FOR ONTARIO — MEDICAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS — MEET- ING OF THE FRENCH-SPEAKING PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS AT THREE RIVERS — BRITISH COLUMBIA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION — THE QUESTION OF MILK ADULTERATION. Toronto, October 13. 1906. The Canadian medical colleges have opened with a larger attendance of students than usual. The opening address at the medical department of Toronto University was de- livered by Sir Almroth E. Wright of St. Mary's Hospital, London, England. His subject was "Inoculation with Bac- terial Vaccines." He showed that the human body was continually seeking to ward off the attacks of microbes, and in illustration explained how the microbe responsible for a common boil succeeded in invading the body and how the human system rid itself of its enemy. To cure such a condition we relied upon certain substances iii the blood which had been discovered and called opsonins. These acted in conjunction with the white corpuscles to eradicate the infection of microbes. The same theory applied also to all other microbic infections, the chief of them being those due to the tubercle bacillus. In his description of the method by which nature was assisted in getting rid of these microscopic enemies the lecturer dwelt on the value of inoculation with preparations from the very microbe that was originally responsible for the infection. A num- ber of interesting and instructive cases were cited in which a cure had been effected and which would have been con- sidered incurable before this valuable discovery had been order tinidazole online made. The opening at McGill College, Montreal, was a most successful one. Dr. R. F. Ruttan delivered the inaugural address. There were at least three hundred undergraduates present. The tinidazole tindamax address recalled the foundation of McGill Medical College seventy-five years ago, when Drs. Robert- son, Holmes, Stevenson, and Caldwell began the systematic teaching of medicine in Montreal. These men were also instrumental in establishing Montreal General Hospital. The history of McGill has ever been one of progress, and the attendance at the opening this year may well be taken as indicating another session of tinidazole tablets 500mg progressive growth. It is 624 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 20, 1906 interesting to note tliat the Department of Dentistry is now identified with the Medical Department, and the dental stu- dent is compelled to take the full medical curriculum for two years — afterward devoting the remaining two years to his own specialty. The medical course at McGill is now extended over five years, with special work assigned for each year. A new Provincial Board of Health for the Province of Ontario has recently been created. The new board con- sists of Dr. Charles Sheard of Toronto, Dr. M. I. Beeman

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