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of Newburgh, Dr. W. J. Robinson of Guelph, Dr. W. R. Hall of Chatham, Dr. C. B. Coughlin of Peterboro, and Dr. J. W. S. McCuUough of Alliston. There is great satisfac- tion expressed with the appointments which have been made, and the new board will find many interesting problems to engage their attention. This is the year for the election of territorial representa- tives to the Medical Council of Ontario. These elections are held every four years, when seventeen representatives are elected from different portions of Ontario. Each medi- cal practitioner has a vote in the division in which he Purchase Tofranil Online is a resident, and the member to be elected must also be a resident of the division. Besides the territorial representa- tives there are eight collegiate representatives appointed by the boards of the different universities and colleges. There are also five homeopathic representatives in the Medical Council who are elected Tofranil Price by the homeopathic prac- titioners in Ontario. The provision for homeopathic rep- resentatives was made thirty years ago, when the Ontario Medical Act was first introduced. There is no homeo- pathic College in Canada, and there are less than fifty ho- meopathic physicians left ; yet, strange to say, these fifty have five representatives in the Medical Council, while over three thousand regular practitioners in Ontario elect only seventeen representatives. The French-speaking members of the medical profession in Canada have a live medical organization, "L'Association des Medecins de Langue Frangaise de I'Amerique du Nord," which has had a successful meeting at Three Rivers, Que- bec. The subjects under discussion were tuberculosis, al- coholism, and the hygiene of infants. Upon these subjects several interesting and valuable papers have been read. The majority of the local French medical societies of Can- ada and the United States were represented by delegates and several of the societies in France also sent well-known men as representatives. The Therapeutic Society of Paris sent Dr. Triboulet on purpose to represent the views of that society in regard to alcoholism. M. Proust represented the Medical Faculty of Paris and M. Lori. Professor of Hygiene in the Higher School of Colonial Agriculture, represented the French Association for the Advancement of Science. The officers elected to arrange for the next meeting were: President, Dr. A. Simard ; Viee-Presidents, Dr. Hervieux, Dr. Lanoix, and Dr. Sirois; Secretary, Dr. Paquette ; and Treasurer, Dr. Doriow. The next meeting will probably be held in Quebec City. The annual meeting of the British Columbia Medical Association was held this year^at New Westminster, and was, in point of attendance, and interesting program, the best yet held in Generic Tofranil the Western province. The president. Dr. George Drew, in his annual address touched upon many interesting historical reminiscences in connection with medical progress in the West, and made an eloquent plea for firm adherence to duty, principle, and honor upon questions of moral and professional character, as all- important in fostering and developing the best interests of the profession. The meeting was made most interesting by the discussions, that were a feature of the session. The Buy Tofranil Online officers for Jhe coming year are: President, Dr. R. L. Fraser, Victoria: Vice-President, Dr. J. M. Pearson, Van- couver ; Secretary, Dr. R. Eden Walker, New Westmin- ster ; Treasurer, Dr. J. D. Helmcken, Victoria. The next meeting of the association will be held at Victoria. A bulletin, recently issued by the Chemical Department of the Inland Revenue Department, has called atten- tion to the important subject of milk adulteration. Of 31 samples of milk collected in Toronto 13 Buy Imipramine Online were found genu- ine, II doubtful, and 7 adulterated. Regular inspection of dairies by health officers and frequent analyses are strongly advocated and will probably form one of the first questions to be discussed by the new Provincial Board of Health. Montreal has now a pure milk league. During the discus- sion on milk supplies in the Section of State Medicine at the recent meeting of the British Medical Association at Toronto Professor Glaister of Glasgow urged that the weak spot in the existing law and regulations respecting the milk supplies was that executive action was deferred until the harm was done. He advocated a system of inspection and supervision which would be. as far as possible, preventive in its operation. Where milk is collected for distribution and use in large centers, especially in cities, the collection of it, as well as the surroundings from which it is derived, should positively be under the local Board of Health most concerned. OUR BERLIN LETTER. (From Our Special Correspondent.) MEDICAL VISITORS FROM FRANCE — THE TUBERCULOSIS CAM- PAIGN — THE PHYSIOLOGY OF HEARING — THE KAISERIN FRIED- RICH-HAUS. Berlin, September 30, 1906. The physicians of Berlin, from August 16 to 19, gave them- selves up entirely to the pleasant task of Tofranil Uses showing their French guests the medical institutions and other attractions of our capital. The committee of arrangements, of which our prominent gynecologist Kossmann was the president, carried out all the details of entertainment in most success- ful manner. It was no light task for the strangers to visit within three days such great institutions as the Konigliche Klinik, Konigliche Charite, Garnisonlazarett Tempelhof, Rudolf Virchow Krankenhaus, Am Urban, Institut fiir In- fektionskrankheiten, Heilanstalt in Beeliz, and several private hospitals, in addition to the Langenbeck Haus and the Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus, to say nothing of the recep- tions and other social entertainments. This was the first time that a body of French physicians of this size, the depu- tation numbering about forty, had visited our country, and doubtless one of the speakers who delivered an address was right in saying that science knows no political enmity, though I believe that such meetings are not only of scien- tific but also of political benefit. The interesting proposal was made by Kutner of founding an international committee for organizing international medical journeys for purposes of study. The committee was promptly formed and has as its president Kossmann of Berlin, and as members, Bazot of Paris, Guyot of Geneva, Kutner of Berlin, Lifrange-Bertrix of Belgium, and Tini of Bologna. An interesting summary of the work of the Berliner .'\uskunfts und Fiisorgestellen fiir Tuberkulose has been presented by Dr. Kaiserling, the general secretary of the organization. In the period of nineteen months 15,646 pa- tients were examined, about 3,000 being males, 5,500 females, and 6,000 children. Whenever possible the entire family of the patient was examined and the total number of exami- nations made exceeds 50,000. Kaiserling believes that school children suffer from tuberculosis to a greater degree than has hitherto been supposed, and that the disease be- comes manifest when Tofranil Pm young adults begin to do more ardu- ous work. Over a thousand persons were admitted to san- atoria and just as many to convalescent homes, and in many instances families deprived Buy Imipramine in this way of the bread-winner were cared for by the organization. The eleven official nurses made 18,540 visits for the purpose of teaching sani- tary rules, and to improve the home conditions of the poor. At the session of the Physiologische Geschellshaft held in the middle of the summer Kalischer presented a striking demonstration which seems likely to Tofranil Tablets throw additional light on the physiology of hearing. Dogs were trained to pick up pieces of meat when certain tones Tofranil Mg were sounded on the piano or organ and to leave the food untouched when other tones were played. The accuracy of the performance of the animals was not interfered with by extirpating the auditory center, and also the cochlea of the one side, but the experiment failed if both cochlea; were removed. It appeared that dogs possess an extraordinary tone sense and are able to distinguish a single tone in a chord. During the leisure of the summer there have been many opportunities for inspecting the Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus, the dedication ceremonies of which I described in a previ- ous letter. The magnificent building situated in the neigh- borhood of the Charite Hospital is intended to furnish phy- sicians with a central meeting place in which they can ac- quaint themselves with the progress that is being made in all branches of medical science, and complete outfits are provided Tofranil Online which can be sent for teaching purposes to any part of the Empire in which Tofranil Cost they may be desired. In the third story of the building are a number of laboratories equipped for chemical and microscopical investigations, the equipment being unusually complete, .\nother part of the building is intended to serve for bacteriological and ex- perimental studies, a special laboratory being reserved for work involving the handling of dangerous cultures. The Roentgen-ray outfit and the equipment for medical_ photog- graphy is the finest yet installed in Berlin, and it is ex- pected that the building will become a center for the pro- duction of medical photographs. An interesting feature is the laboratory devoted to the purpose of making plaster casts of skin diseases, etc.. of which a great collection has already been formed. The chief attraction of the whole building is the beautiful auditorium, constructed in amphi- Oct. 20, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 625 theater fashion and provided with a specially designed blackboard which by a simple Order Tofranil Online mechanism can be lowered so as to uncover a screen for use with the projection appa- ratus. All the facilities of the building may be made use of for teaching or research by any physician who can provide proofs of his ability. It is intended, furthermore, to have the Kaiserin Friederich-Haus the center for the whole post- graduate medical life of Germany. Teaching appliances of every kind have been assembled in collections so packed as to be readily transportable, and these can easily be shipped to any point where it is desired to give one or more Buy Cheap Tofranil lectures. Other features of the building are a valuable collection of exhibits relating to the history of medicine, and to various systems of treatment, such as medico- mechanical apparatus, physical dietetic methods, and medi- cal electricity and optics. The well-known watering places such as Carlshad, Ems, Franzensbad, Wildungen, etc., have arranged exhibitions intended to illustrate the characteris- tics of their springs and institutions. Finally, the reading- room must be mentioned, which has been lavishly provided with books and periodicals by the great medical journals. Progrrsa of Mtliunl Btuntt. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, October 4, 1906. The Ulnar Nerve as a Landmark of the Elbow. — F. J. Cotton regards this nerve as an indisputable Order Tofranil land- mark. It lies in an anatomically constant position be- hind the internal epicondyle, bound down loosely Purchase Tofranil by fibrous tissue; it is a large nerve; it is covered by no muscle; it can readily be reached even in the presence of much swelling, if this swelling is slowly massaged away; it may be identified in every case if reached, not only because it is the only cordlike structure at the back of the elbow that can be rolled under the finger, but also because the patient can readily assist in its identification just as he can contribute to the identifi- cation of kidney or testis, by the subjective sen- sation; no one is in the slightest doubt as Tofranil 50 Mg to when his "funny bone" is touched, whether there be an injury in this region or not. In many cases no other landmark at the elbow can be relied on; either condyle may be displaced by fracture and lose its characteristic shape and place so far that it cannot certainly be identified. Particularly in the common and often overlooked frac- tures (or, more properly, epiphyseal separations) of the internal epicondyle. it is of obvious service. Buy Tofranil If we can feel an ulnar nerve not lying in the backward hollow of the hook of the epicondyle, but lying exposed near the tip of a flat surface of bone, no argument is needed. The epicondyle is gone and we shall eventually find it displaced forward and downward Cheap Tofranil as usual. The objec- tion may be raised, and fairly raised, that the ulnar nerve may be displaced. The author has observed a good many cases with regard to this displacement and has reported certain cases of the recurrent displacement; but this recurrent displacement is relatively uncommon, and pertains only to the flexed position; it is present only in cases in which the nerve is obviously movable beyond normal. New York Medical Journal, October 6, 1906. Peculiar Attitudes in Epilepsy During Sleep. — N. B. Ross records some interesting observations made at the Craig Colony. lie has observed a peculiar similarity of

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