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of medicine and surgery in the United States of America, Great Britain, and British North America, with an appen- dix and a synopsis of the subjects treated in the notes to the laws regulating the practice of medicine. This is by far the longest contribution in the volume, and occupies nearly six hundred pages; unfortunately, it is also the sec- tion most liable to get out of date, as the various States are altering these regulations pretty constantly. The sec- tion on Forensic Medicine deals with: I. The legal status of the dead body, the disposal and obligation to dispose of the same; how and by whom it may be exhumed or re- moved ; autopsies, by whom ordered ; the rights of Purchase Trental relatives and accused persons; including an appendix containing a synopsis of the statutes of the different States and Terri- tories of the United States concerning the same. 2. The powers and duties of coroners and medical examiners; the coroner and his court; the jury and inquest; the effect of the evidence and verdict. 3. Medicolegal autopsies. 4. Per- sona! identity, including the methods used for its deter- mination in the dead and living. 5. Medicolegal determina- tion of the time of death. 6. Death by heat and cold, including insolation, in its medicolegal aspect. 7. Death from starvation in its medicolegal aspect. The volume consists of nearly a thousand pages, and contains informa- tion (particularly in the section on Medical Jurisprudence) that every physician should be acquainted with, and with which the law will presume that he is acquainted should he find himself in any situation demanding medicolegal investigation. Surgical Suggestions. Practical Brevities in Diagnosis and Treatment. By Walter M. Brickner, M.D., Chief of Surgical Department, Mount Sinai Hospital Dispen- sary; Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Surgery, New York; and Eli Moschowitz, M.D., Assistant Phy- sician. Mount Sinai Hospital Dispensary; Editorial As- sistant, American Journal of Surgery, New York. New York : Surgery Publishing Company, 1906. These Trental Cost "Suggestions" are arranged and reprinted from the pages of the American Journal of Surgery. They arc brief, direct, interesting, and useful. Aids to Chemistry. By T. A. Henry, D.Sc, Lond., Chief Assistant Chemist, Scientific and Tectinical Department of the Imperial Institute, South Kensmgton ; Fellow of the Chemical Societies of London and Berlin. New- York : William Wood and Company, 1906. This little volume contains a carefully-prepared outline of both inorganic and organic chemistry. It differs from most books of its class, in that it really contains a large amount of chemistry. As an aid to following lectures in college it will be of considerable service, though it is not written from the standpoint of the medical student. To those preparing for the various State board examinations this book will be of little or no use; for, in the first place, it contains much more chemistry than any State board re- quires; and, further, it omits not only the chemistry of urine, gastric juice, etc., but also a large amount of elemen- tary matter, definitions, general principles and laws, nomen- clature, etc. Though small, this work is by no means elementary, and it can be recommended to Order Trental Online all who desire a compend that is first class and up to date. A NoN-SuRGicAL Treatise on Diseases of the Prostate Gland and Adnexa. By George Whitfield Overall, A.B., M.D., Chicago. Rowe Publishing Co., 1906. This volume contains an account of the author's conserva- tive treatment Trental Mg of the diseases of the prostate gland and its adnexa. As the book is in its third edition, it is safe to infer that it has been found useful. In a future edition the occasional Latin expressions should be either corrected or omitted: such phrases as ad nauseum, bacho et vencre, and impotentis caeundi do not appeal favorably to the educated reader. Technique du Traitement de la Luxation CoNGfeNiTALB de la'Hanche. Par le Dr. F. Calot, Chirugien en chef de I'Hopital Rotlischild, de Trental Indications I'Hopital Cazin-Perrochano, d I'Hopital de I'Oise et des departemcnts, du Dispen- saire, de ITnstitut orthopcdique de Berck, etc. Avec 206 figures dans le texte et 5 planches (en photocollographie). Paris: Masson et Cie., 1905. This manual on the treatment of congenital dislocations of the hip is the second volume of the author's work on ortho- pedics. The first volume dealt with hip joint disease; the third will Trental Price deal with white swelling, and the fourth will cover the subjects of Pott's disease, scoliosis, infantile par- alysis, club-foot, torticollis, tarsalgia, spastic paraplegia, rachitic deformities, etc. The author is of opinion that congenital Trental Generic dislocations of the hip can, and should, be cured up to the twelfth or fifteenth year by the bloodless method. The present volume thoroughly discusses the malady in question, and pays particular attention to the diagnosis of the trouble and its prognosis ; the various methods of treat- ment are also given in considerable detail. Physiology of the Nervous System. By J. P. Morat, of the University of Lyons. Authorized English Edition, translated and edited by H. W. Syers, M.A., M.D. (Can- tab.), Physician to the Great Northern Central Hospital. With Buy Trental 263 illustrations, 66 in colors. Chicago : W. T. Keener & Co., 1906. The present volume is a translation of that portion of the Treatise on Physiology, by Professors Morat and Doyon, which is devoted to the functions of innervatiori. The sub- ject is a complicated one, at the same time it is one often neglected by the practitioner and inadequately handled in the text-books on general physiology; hence we can wel- come the present work, which Pentoxifylline Trental embodies the latest advances in the knowledge of the nervous system, and contains the most recent views and ideas on this intricate branch of physiology. The first part of the volume deals with ele- mentary nervous functions, and consists of two chapters. The first chapter treats of the nervous element, and handles in turn the static conditions of the neuron ; anatomical and physiological data ; dynamic conditions ; functions of the neuron; stimulation of the nerves; and Trental 400 the laws of elec- trical stimulation. The second chapter is on energies of the nerve, and discusses energies recognizable in the nerve; electrical energy ; consecutive effects of stimulation ; fa- tigue ; elcctrotonus; different employment and effects of electricity; and nerve poisons. The second part of the book is on systemic functions, with chapters on sensibility and motion, with their relations ; primary systematizations ; consciousness and unconsciousness ; and superior systema- tizations. The last section in the volume is on Order Trental specific innervations, and contains chapters on tactile, visual, audi- tory, olfactory, and gustatory inner\-ation. There is a concluding chapter on language and ideation. Eczema. A Consideration of Its Course, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Embracing Many Points of Practical Im- portance, and Containing 146 Prescriptions, Illustrating Dosage in Local Applications. By Samuel Horton Brown, M.D., Assistant Dermatologist, Philadelphia Hos- pital ; Dermatologist, Southern Dispensary; Assistant Dermatologist, University Hospital Dispensary, etc. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1906. Especial Purchase Trental Online attention is paid by the author of this book to the treatment Trental Tablets of the disease. The writer refers in his preface to the dogmatic manner in which some of the facts have been presented, and he explains his method of Buy Cheap Trental present- ing the subject by the fact that any statement, no matter how true, loses weight when qualified. Thus, instead of the vague directions so common in books of this nature, the reader finds explicit directions for the care of different types of eczema. The treatment of the disease in various regions comprises a very helpful section. A good index completes this convenient little volume. 630 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 20, 1906 NEW YORK .A.CADEMY OF MEDICINE. Stated Meeting, Held October 4, 1906. Dr. Charles L. Dana in the Chair. This meeting was held under the auspices of the Section on Orthopedic Surgery. Presentation of Instruments Illustrating the Histori- cal Development of Laryngological Technique. — Dr. D. Brvson Delavan made this presentation. (See page 612.) Presentation of Portraits of Sir Thomas Watson and Sir Andrew Clark. — Dr. Ch.\rles L. Dana presented these portraits to the Academy. Nontuberculous Joint Diseases, with Especial Refer- ence to the So-Called Rheumatic Affections. — Dr. Rob- ert Trental Injection W. LovETT of Boston read this paper. He said that the last twenty years had seen a very decided change in our views as to the pathology and classification of joint dis- ease, and the salient features of the change in view occur- ring in these twenty years were three in number. First, tuberculous joint disease had resumed a more rational posi- tion and no longer overshadowed the field, because it was not a newly-recognized, but a well-established and studied affection, and because many cases formerly classed as tuberculous disease had been recognized and placed in their proper Trental Online categories. Second, the term rheumatism had been subjected to scrutiny and analysis. The adjective rheu- matic had done more and was doing more to retard the rational study of joint disease than any term in use; in the past it had been a name to cover all sorts of conditions, and even to-day was to a certain extent accepted as sufficient explanation of almost all obscure cases of joint inflamma- tion. Third, infection played a very important and prom- inent part not suspected years ago. It had been recognized that acute serous synovitis might be caused by infection, and it had been suspected that infection had much to do with chronic nontuberculous joint disease in general. The study and investigation of acute articular rheumatism had led to the conclusion that many, if not all, cases of so-called acute articular rheumatism were of infectious origin, and that the source of infection might be found (o) in some general infectious disease, such as scarlatina; (b) in some local infection, as the nasopharynx, mastoid, or appendix; (f) in the free entrance of bacteria through the tonsils, especially if they were inflamed. A serous joint inflamma- tion of undoubtedly infectious origin was frequently iden- tical clinically with one arising without obvious source of infection. Osier said : "In the character of the fever, the mode of involvement of the joints, the tendency to relapse, the sweats, the anemia, the leucocytosis, and above all the great liability to endocarditis and involvement of the serous membranes, acute rheumatic fever resembles very closely pyemia, and might, indeed, be taken as the very t3'pe of an acute infection." In examining the fluid of diseased joints of any kind for bacteria, it must not be assumed that the absence of organisms established the existence of non- infectious source of the joint effusion. It was assumed in these cases of tmdoubtedly infectious origin that toxins rather than the bacteria themselves were the direct cause of the joint inflammation. The importance of negative bac- terial results should not be overestimated. Organisms of various types had been found in the joint fluid in the en- docardium and in other structures in cases of so-called acute articular rheumatism, but the constant association of any type of microorganism with the disease had not been established. Staphylococci, streptococci, and organisms re- sembling streptococci had been found Buy Trental Online and given various names, as diplococcus rheumaticus, micrococcus rheumati- cus, etc. Accepting these findings as undisputed, one of the three following assumptions must be true: Trental 100 Mg First, so-called articular rheumatism was a specific infectious disease of unknown origin, the cocci being secondary; second, there was no such specific disease, and it must be regarded as a general streptococcus infection ; third, it was due to a specific form of streptococcus, which from its clinical Generic Trental be- havior must possess special characteristics. We could not at present judge whether the disease was caused by a speci- fic microorganism, and this question was secondary to the question of the infectious origin of so-called acute articular rheumatism. The cocci found in acute articular rheuma- tism, when inoculated intravenously into susceptible ani- mals, had caused myocarditis, pleuritis, pericarditis, endo- carditis, iritis, chorea, and joint effusions, lesions identical with those found in s^-called acute articular rheumatism. These results had not as yet been constant. At times inoculation experiments of this kind were negative, and at other times the result was suppuration. Such was the evi- dence preponderatingly in favor of the infectious character of so-called acute articular rheumatism. It would be better if we spoke of the articular manifestations called acute articular rheumatism as "acute synovitis, probably infec- tious." The subject of chronic nontuberculous joint disease was one which was singularly obscure and confused. From the general discussion he omitted syphilitic joint disease, gonor- rheal arthritis, the joint affections of organic nervous dis- ease, gouty joints, the joint disease of hemophilia, and

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