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months later the same thing occurred to the other side of his body, and he partially recovered from that also. This man evidently had syphilitic lesions late. Dr. James Pedersen of New York cited two cases, in which Dr. Bangs had concurred with him in diagnosis, and which seemed to have developed no secondaries. He agreed with Dr. Taylor that there was a spontaneous reso- lution or cure in each case. Dr. A. C. Wood of Philadelphia said the question arose whether or not the child was refractory to the poison of syphilis, and also had these patients inherited sufficient of the poison to render them immune, and yet not enough to show during life. Cyst of the Prostate.— Dr. Arthur Tracy Cabot of Boston presented this paper. He classified this rare condi- tion as follows: (i) Echinococcus cysts, of which Belfield had found but three authentic instances originating in the prostate. (2) Retention cysts due to distention of the occluded prostatic glands. (3) Cystic dilatation of the utricle, a condition occasionally found in children. (4) Cysts or cystic cavities might form in connection with cancer of the prostate. He reported a case belonging to class 4. An operation was performed through the rectum for a prostatic swelling simulating an abscess. .•Vs the patient succumbed to a pyelonephritis, an autopsy was possible, which revealed a cancer of the prostate in an early stage. The second case reported was probably one of retention cyst. The patient recovered, so the pathologj' could not Vibramycin Suspension be studied. In this case cystoscopic examination showed projections from the prostate to the left and behind the urethral orifice. A projecting tumor on the left side of Vibramycin Mg the internal meatus had a translucent appearance, with few vessels on its surface. On opening the bladder this tumor was found to be about the size of a cherry, pro- jecting well into the bladder and against the urethra, which it tightly closed. When it was seized by the forceps it collapsed. The wall of the cyst was cut away and the interior seared with the paquelin cautery. The fluid was lost. This patient made a good recovery. He thought this case could have been dealt with through the urethra with a Bottini cautery. Such cysts were extremely rare, though cystic dilatations of these glands of insignificant size were of common occurrence in old prostates. Dr. Robert H. Greene of New York referred to the extensive pathological work done by Dr. Harlow Brooks and himself in their Order Vibramycin Online endeavors to find a cause for prostatic hypertrophy ; in this work they ran across Vibramycin Tablets several cases of retention cysts, and he believed the same process was at work in these various conditions met with clinically in the prostate. Some Remarks on Litholapaxy. — Dr. W. K. Otis of New York made this contribution, illustrating his remarks with blackboard demonstrations. He also presented many Vibramycin Indications instruments. A Case of Litholapaxy.— Dr. Edward L. Keyes re- ported this case. The man, forty-five years of age, gave a history of syphilis twenty years before. Dr. Van Buren had diagnosed the case as locomotor ataxia, and Dr. E. L. Keyes, Sr., had confirmed the diagnosis. Mixed treatment was pushed for a while. He used a catheter once a week, but did not irrigate or inject anything into the bladder. The urine gave no evidence of neoplasm. It was acid purulent brothy, and had a specific gravity of 1022. The pneumaturia ceased, and there was some grit passed from the urethra. He began to have pain in the region of the left kidney. In 1895, when he reached complete retention, a litholapaxy was performed, and a uric acid stone, with a phosphatic covering, about the size of a pigeon's egg, was removed. More phosphates were crushed si.x months later. In 1897 eight more phosphatic stones were crushed and washed out, and in 1898, six more. In 1900 a one and- a-half dram stone was washed away. In Vibramycin Syrup 1904 Vibramycin Hyclate the .r-ray showed tuberculosis of the body of the last dorsal verte- bra. This was the cause of the so-called ataxia. In 1905 he passed a small stone through his catheter, and in March, 1906, 158 stones were washed away in twenty minutes without crushing. Their total weight was two drams. At the end of twenty-four hours the patient was apparently as well as ever. This case was the third in which he had known a competent .r-ray man to overlook stones in the bladder. Buy Vibramycin Online Dr. .Arthur T. Cabot of Boston reported a case of mul- tiple calculi occurring in a man upon whom he operated several times, removing a large number of stones. On account of this tendency to stone formation or reproduc- tion, he was advised to have his Purchase Vibramycin Online bladder washed out once a fortnight with good results. Dr. F. TiLDEN Brown of New York said that with the knowledge that the stones were urate of soda or urates mixed, it was fair to presume the .r-ray would show Oct. 20. 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 639 I nothing. He reported the case of a patient witli a pure uric acid stone ; excellent plates were obtained by Mr. Cald- well, but they portrayed nothing. Some Cases Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate of Kidney and Ureteral Stone. — Dr. George K. Svvi.vblrxe of New York reported these cases. In Case I. he suspected stone of the right kidney. Cysto- scopic examinations revealed nothing, and an jr-ray pic- ture was likewise negative. At operation a small, irregular calculus of lime was found in the e.xtreme upper pole of the kidney and removed. Several attacks of oxaluria fol- lowed, which were always cleared up by dilute nitro- hydrochloric acid. In Case II. examination showed a per- fectly normal bladder and the mouths of both ureters per- fectly normal in appearance. The posterior urethra was Vibramycin For Acne some- what congested, and there was a slight nodule in the epidi- dymis on the right side. About a year later this case was operated upon for stone in the kidney, and some time later cystoscopic examination showed involvement of the mouth of the right ureter. The calculus was removed Vibramycin Antibiotic e.xtra- Vibramycin Cost peritoneally, and was a large oxylate of Vibramycin Antibiotics lime stone. This patient also had several postoperative attacks, probably due to oxyuria. Case III. was one of stone of the kidney, as shown by the .r-ray. Case IV. was also one of renal calculus, revealed by the .r-ray. In Case V. the patient had been under treatment for some time ; the ;r-ray and cystoscope failed to icveai anything. Finally, after an exceedingly acute attack of pain, cystoscopic examination under ether showed the right urctheral orifice contracted on the face of a projection as if it were pushed forward, there being a pocket to the inner lower side formed by the projecting bladder wall with the intramural portion of the ureter. He thought there was a stone lodged in the lower end of the ureter; the .r-ray picture showed three small shadows in the region of the left ureter. An unusually difficult exploratory suprapubic cystotomy was performed. The conditions were found exactly as in the cystoscopic examination, but no calculus could be found. The ureteral orifice was so contracted that nothing could be made to enter. A fine probe always impinged at the orifice, the bladder wall would yield, Order Vibramycin and the urine could be seen welling up from the orifice. There was a pouch to the inner side of the ureteral orifice fully an inch deep, run- ning under the ureter as it passed through the wall. A thick cicatricial band could be felt curving upward and inward, due to inflammatory infiltration or to continued muscular spasm, .^s there seemed no prospect of accom- plishing anything, the w-ound was closed, leaving a supra- pubic tube for drainage. The Diagnosis of Renal Colic. — Dr. Edw.\rd L. Keyes, Jk., of New York did not discuss the familiar phenomena I renal colic, but endeavored to show that, though renal lie was the cardinal symptom of renal stone, severe and typical colic might occur from other causes. These causes might usually be distinguished by the means ordinarily at hand. The locality of Vibramycin Acne the pain usually pointed to that of the stone. It also occurred on the same side as the affected kidney. He had known cases where the presence of fre- quent and painful urination was the only symptom of renal stone. During the past few years he had come in contact with a number of patients in whom other conditions — genital, urinary, intestinal, etc., produced symptoms sug- gestive of renal colic. He related the history Generic Vibramycin of one case, in which the renal colic was evidently due to gouty disposi- tion, while in some cases it seemed that showers of crystals were caused by digestive crises. He cited a case where proper diet and hygienic conditions had relieved a patient of attacks that had persisted from childhood. There were some cases entirely due to intestinal derangement without any Buy Cheap Vibramycin disorder of the urinary organs. He reported a case in which the renal colic was due to prostatitis a
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