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or of nurse. When resulting from spasmodic strictur-; of the pylorus, vomiting must be treated by relieving the intestinal catarrh that causes the spasm. If the stenosis is organic treatment is of little avail. Func- voltaren xr 100 tional constipation results from atony of the intestine, and follows inflammation of intestine or peritoneum, cerebral disease, or bad nervous condition. Easily as- similable food should be used, massage and electricity, enzymes to increase digestive activity, and regular habit of defecation be encouraged. The anatomical form arises from congenital malformation, stricture, tumor, too long, or abnormally large intestine, or colon, or fissure of the rectum. Such forms may re- quire surgical interference. — Rizista Critica di Clinica Pedi- atric a. 640 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 20, 1906 Matt a^cbical aticpiijSing 25oarb^. BULLETIN OF APPROACHING EXAMINATIONS.f STATE. generic name for voltaren NAMB AND ADDRESS OP PLACE AND DATE OP ,, , . T,, „ ^ SECRETARY. NEXT EXAMINATION. Alabama* W. H. Sanders, Montgomery .Montgomery. . Nov voltaren xr 100 mg 1-6 Anzona* Ancil Martin. Phoenix Phoenix January 7 Arkansas* J P. Runyan. Little Rock .. .Little Rock .. .January 7 California Chas. L. Tisdale, Alameda . . . San Francisco .Dec. 1 8 Colorado S. D. Van Meter, 1723 Tre- mont Street, Denver Denver January i Connecticut*.. .Chas. A. Tuttle, New Haven. New Haven Nov i:. Delaware P. W.Tomlinson, Wilmington. Dover . . Dec 11 Dis. of Col'bia.. voltaren 50mg diclofenac W.C.Woodward, Washington. Washington. . .January 10 Florida* J. D. Fernandez, Jacksonville. Jacksonville. Georgia E. R. Anthony, Griffin Atlanta J,d?l>o J. L. Conant, Jr., voltaren in canada Genesee. ... Lewiston April 3 Ilhnois J. A. Egan, Springfield Chicago. Indiana W. T. Gott, uo State House, , , Indianapolis Indianapolis. . October 23 Iowa J. F. Kennedy, Des Moines. . Des Moines. . . December 1 1 Kansas T. E. Raines, Concordia Topeka February 12 Kentucky* J. N. McCormack, Bowling ... „ "^J'^" ■ • ■ • • • Louisville October 23 Louisiana F. A. La Rue, 211 Camp St., New Orleans New Orleans . Maine Wm. J. Maybury, Saco. Portland Nov. 13 P. Scott, Hagerstown. . . Baltimore Dec. 1 2 B. Harvey, State House, ,,. , . „ ^^='?,"--. -,4^ Boston Novembers Michigan B. D. Hanson, 205 Whitney „ Building, Detroit Ann Arbor June 11 Minnesota O. E. Linjer, voltaren rapid 25mg 24 South Fourth ., Street, Minneapolis St. Paul January 7 Mississippi J. F. Hunter, Jackson...: .. .Jackson Ma> 14 Missoun J. A. B. Adcock, Warrensburg.Kansas City. . .Nov. 26 Montana* Wm. C. Riddell, Helena Helena . . Nebraska Geo. H. Brash, Beatrice Lincoln. Nevada ^ » - - N. Hamp're* Maryland T. McF Massachusetts*. E. .Nov. .Nov. .S. L. Lee, Carson City Carson City .Henry C. Morrison, State Li- brary, Concord Concord January — •J- W. Bennett, Long Branch . .Trenton June 18 . .B. D. Black, Las Vegas Santa Fe Dec. 3 f New York, 1 .C.F.WheelockUniv.of State/ Albany, voltaren generic name 1 of New York, Albany . . .\ Syracuse, f January 20 r, n. ^- I Buffalo. ) .G. T. Sikes, Grissom Morehead City.May 1907 „,. -H. M. Wheeler, Grand Forks. .Grand Forks... January i Oh'o, Geo. H. Matsop Columbus. ..Columbus Dec. 11 Oklahoma* J. W. Baker, Knid Guthrie •B.E.MiUer, -tl , ... Portland.'... . January i .N.C. Schae, lli f Philadelphia \ Dec. — Rhode Island... G. T. '^ warts. Pi evidence ...Providence. .January 3 S. Carohna W.M. Lester, Columbia Columbia ....June 1007 S. Dakota H. E. McNutt, Aberdeen Sioux Falls. voltaren sr 75 mg tablet . . January g ... ...«,,,, i Memphis, 1 Tennessee* T. J. Happel, Trenton {Nashville, May. igo7 rr, n^ ... T i Knoxvillc, voltaren 100 mg retard j f etas T. T. Jackson, San Antonio . ..Houston Utah* R. W. Fisher, Salt Lake City. .Salt Lake City. January 7 Vennont W.Scott Nay, Underbill Montpeher. .. .January 8 Virginia.. ... .R. S. Martin, Stuart Richmond Dec. 11 voltaren for sale Washington*. generic for voltaren . . C. W. Sharpies, Seattle Spokane voltaren ec 75 mg January 2 W. Virginia* . . .H. A. Barbee, Point Pleasant .Clarksburg Nov 13 Wisconsin J. V. Stevens. Jefferson Milwaukee... .January 8 Wyoming S. B. Miller, Laramie Cheyenne December 5 *No reciprocity recognized by these States. tApphcants should voltaren ec tablets 50mg in every case write to the secretary for latest details regarding the examination in any particular State. New Jersey . . New Mexico. . New York . . . . N. Carolina* . N. Dakota. Oregon" Pennsyhania . Virginia. — At the June examination there were voltaren 75 sr one hundred and seventy-nine applicants. Of this number one hundred and four passed the examination, twenty- four failed, forty-seven took only a partial examina- tion, and four withdrew from the contest. At this meeting it was agreed by the Medical Examining Board of Virginia to enter into reciprocity with the Regular State Board of Examiners of Georgia. North Dakota. — Upon licenses upon examination, and bearing date of July i, 1905, or later. North Dakota reciprocates with the following States: Maine, Ver- mont, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Wyo- ming. Indiana. — The Supreme Court of this State holds that the State Board of Medical Examiners is within its rights in revoking a license for gross immorality. California. — Among the rules adopted by the State Board of Medical Examiners, in August, provision is made for other than the ordinary test by printed ques- tions. Thus there may be identification of microscopi- cal or gross pathological preparations, clinical examina- tion of patients, or any other practical work. But in all such cases the questions must be answered in writ- ing, in order that the identity of the applicant inay not be revealed to the examiner. voltaren in usa In order to pass, in the State voltaren sr 100mg of California, applicants must obtain an average of at least 75 voltaren topical per cent., and must not fall below 60 per cent, on any one subject. New York. — In an article on "Reciprocity in Medical Licensure" in the Nc7v York Medical Journal of Octo- ber 13, 1906, Dr. Albert Vander Veer claims that "it can be said without fear of successful contradiction that to-day the New York statutory requirement for admis- sion to the practice of medicine is clearly equal to the highest required voltaren xr 100mg by any State or Government in the civilized world." MihUui Stftttfi. Contagious Diseases— Weekly Statement.— Report of cases and deaths from voltaren ec contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, New York City, for the week ending October 13, 1906: Tuberculosis Pulmonalis. Diphtheria Measles . Scarlet Fever Smallpox Varicella Typhoid Fever

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