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purchases. The milk of all animals, as well as of individuals of a certain species, varies markedly in the quantity of the respective ingredients contained therein. In stating the composition of "cow's milk" considerable variation must be allowed, depending upon the breed, individual cow, environment, exer- cise, food, etc., as will be shown by the following table : Table Order Zestoretic Online I." Max- imum American Average Min- imum Water Buy Zestoretic Online 90.69 6.47 4.23 1.44 6.03 1 .21 87.17 3^69 3.02 •53 4.88 ■71 80.32 1.67 • 1^79 ■ 25 2 II Fat Casein Sup'ar Ash .35 Thus it Buy Cheap Zestoretic would be possible for one man to pay two or three times as much for food content in milk as some more fortunate consumer whose milk con- tained a large percentage of solids. However, in such calculations quantity of solids is not the only desideratum. Milk has Purchase Zestoretic Online quality as well as quantity of solids, and Cheap Zestoretic often for Zestoretic 20 purposes of food for invalids Zestoretic Online and children the former is the more important, as we shall see later. The quantity of fat is perhaps the most important from the standpoint of total solids, in that it is most variable of all the solid ingredients of milk. With an increase in the total solids, fat increases and ash Oct. 2-J, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 645 decreases, whereas casein and albumin remain prac- tically the same, as is shown in the following table, compiled from 2,400 American analyses at the Ver- mont Experiment Station : Table II. » AMOUNT OP INGREDIENTS I.V Zestoretic Cost 100 POUNDS OP TOTAL SOLIDS. Quality of Milk AS TO Total Solids Per Cent. II 12 13 14 15 i6 Fat Lhs. 27.9 29 . 1 30-7 33-4 35-8 37-5 I Casein and Milk sugar Albumin and Ash the value of the whole milk is calculated, giving each ingredient its respective value, the order of stand- ing shifts itself entirely. To those who have seen the country milkmaid skim off Lisinopril 20 the cream and set aside crock after crock of skim Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg milk to be, as it seemed, "thrown out" to the i)igs and chickens, it is hard to give any adequate conception of the value of skim milk until by analy- sis and by the still more important test of results in feeding it, we are brought to realize that butter fat is not the only element worthy of consideration in our estimate of milk and cows. Cream is valuable chiefly for its heat-giving properties, and the skim milk contains the valuable protein. The following table shows what we have left in skim milk accord- ing as the Zestoretic Price cream has been removed Buy Zestoretic by skimming or by centrifugalization : Table III." When buying by the quart for general use, those who are looking for "rich milk" are entirely right in judging their milk by the percentage of fat shown by analysis or by the cream gauge. The cream gauge is, however, an inaccurate method of judging fat, for a milk showing a relatively small percentage of cream by the gauge may make more butter, i.e. pro- duce more butter fat than one showing a relatively large percentage of cream. Professor Caldwell re- ports that Baumhauer in Amsterdam examined 20 different samples of milk. Nos. i and 2 w^ere found by chemical analysis to have respectively 2.7 and 3.5 per cent, of fat, while Nos. 5, 10, 15, 18, and 20 were found by accurate chemical method to contain 3-3> 3-0. 3-9, 2.3, and 2.7 per cent, of fat, and yet the thickness of the Zestoretic Tablets layer of cream formed by all of them was the same." There is not, then, any close connection between the cream percentage and the butter yield or true fat percentage. Being a liquid, we are prone to look upon milk as Order Zestoretic a mere drink rather than a food, whereas in it are contained all the elements necessary to the mainte- nance of the human body, and evidence is to be had in abundance show'ing that milk is in no sense a lux- ury, but is an economical article of diet. Meats and milk are both rich in protein and arc, in a sense, in- terchangeable as regards food value. Consequently the amount of solids in the milk becomes of great importance. We are told that a quart of milk, twelve ounces of beef, and six ounces of bread all represent about the same amount of nutriment, and yet only that can be considered as true nutriment to the body which is digested and assimilated, and under dif- ferent circumstances these three substances may have entirely different food values. Where mere food content, without respect to the personal equation of the animal to be fed with it, is the main point of consideration, that milk is a good milk which has a high percentage of solids, and since variation in Purchase Zestoretic percentage of solids depends largely upon that of fat, that milk is, as a rule, the best milk which gives the Generic Zestoretic largest percentage of fat. However, food content and food value are not always equivalent, due to variation in the powers of digestion and assimilation in the individual to be fed. But, where commercial value, either for butter or Zestoretic Generic for other by-products, is the only point at issue, a Zestoretic Strengths milk must have a high percentage of solids in order to be "good." Where weak digestion is to be dealt with this is not true. (2) Good Skim Milk. — Certain breeds of cows always head the list in Zestoretic 20 25 Mg percentage of butter fat, but when the quantity of fat per cow is taken or when Gravity Separator Fat •9 3-2 4-7 •7 90-S 100.

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