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Casein and albumin 3-6 5- .8 Suear Ash Water 90-5 100. Of what value is this? To answer this question I can do no better Zofran 8 Mg than to draw extensively from the article cited on "Alilk as a Food" and from the article by C. L. Beach which gives the results of experiments conducted for the purpose of showing the relative food value of solids 8 Mg Zofran from milk poor and rich in fat content when fed to young Zofran Ondansetron growing ani- mals. Even after milk is skimmed it still contains nearly Zofran Mg 10 Zofran 4 Mg per cent, of its ow^n weight of solids -or nutritive ingredient, and the value of skim milk as a food is not generally appreciated. In an exclusive milk diet one has to drink a large quantity to get the needed nourishment, but when taken with bread or used in cooking it forms a very nutritious addition to the food. A pound of lean beef (round steak, for example) contains about 0.18 pound of protein and has a fuel value of 870 calories. Two and a half quarts, or 5 pounds, Zofran Iv of skim milk will furnish nearly the same amount of protein and have almost the same fuel value as the pound of round steak. Two quarts of skim milk have a greater nutritive value than a quart of oysters, and the nutriment in the form of oysters would cost from 30 to 50 cents, while the two quarts of skim milk would have a Odt Zofran mar- ket value of from 4 to 6 cents and a value on the farm of from Zofran Price 2 to 4 cents. An oyster stew made of one part oysters and two parts skim milk would owe its nutriment more to the milk than to the Zofran Buy oy- Cost Of Zofran sters. A lunch or meal of bread and skim milk ii very nutritious, as the following computation shows : Table IV.» composition and cost of a Price Of Zofran lunch or meal of bread and skim milk. Food Materials Amount Estimated Cost Protein Fuel Value Bread Skim milk. . . . Total 10 oz. ipt. Cents 3 I Pound 0.06 ■03 Calories 755 170 4 Zofran 8mg .09 925 The following lunch, such as might be obtained 646 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 27, 1906 in a restaurant or lunch room, will serve for the purpose of comparison : Table V.» estimated cost and nutrients ofa restaurant lunch. Food Materials Amount Estimated Cost Protein Zofran Odt Fuel Value Soup Ounces 8 2 2 I 4 i I i Cents Pound 0.01 .02 .02 Calories 75 Beef Potatoes Turnips Bread Butter Coffee: Milk Iv Zofran Sugar 275 100 15 300 Ondansetron Zofran 100 20 55 Total 15 to 20 •OS 940 Fig. Zofran 4 -Pig fed on skim milk. It will thus be seen that the 15-cent lunch contain- ing nine different food materials did not have any greater nutritive value than the 4-cent lunch of bread and Cost Zofran milk. The ingredient Zofran 4mg of our food which costs the most, which has the greatest physiological value, Zofran Cost and which is most apt to be lacking in ordinary dietaries

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