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Fig. j. — Pig fed on milk poor in fat. is protein. Skim milk has nearly all the protein of the whole milk. By the removal of the fat in the cream it loses half its fuel value, but Zyprexa Buy practically none of the protein. What is left has all the value of Zyprexa 10 the whole milk for building and repaii of tissue, for the making of blood, muscle and bone, and half the value of the whole milk for supplying heat and Zyprexa Purchase mus- cular Zyprexa Mg power. When the facts are fully understood, skim milk will doubtless be more wisely utilized. The fact comes home to us even more forcibly in the presence of such experimental demonstration of the value of skim milk as is found in the excellent work of C. L. Beach. When separate lots of pigs were fed skim milk, milk poor in fat and milk rich in fat respectively, for the first forty days the pair receiving skim milk gai'ned 62 pounds ; the pair receiving milk poor in fat, 54.8 pounds, and the pair receiving milk rich in fat, 42.2 pounds. For the next ten days the gain for each pair was 22 pounds, 20 1-2 pounds, and 3 1-2 Olanzapine Tablet pounds, respectively. From 50 to 60 days the results were 20 pounds gain, 21 pounds gain, and 6 pounds loss, respectively. After 40 days' feeding Olanzapine Price the pair receiving the milk rich in fat were affected with loss of appetite and diarrhea, and finally did not consume enough to sustain life. The pair receiving skim milk maintained good appe- tite until the close of the trial. The pigs fed milk rich in fat also consumed more solids for a pound of gain, showing that the excess was not assimilated but only acted to cause a diarrhea and eventually loss of weight rather than gain. The results of slaughter showed also that the pigs fed skim milk gave better meat and better bone than Fig. 3. — Pig fed on milk rich in fat. those fed milk rich in fat. Fig. 4 shows the result in graphic form. The same principle was demonstrated by him on other animals, as is shown in the following tables : Table VI.' SOLIDS FOR ONE POUND OF GAIN WITH CALVES. - Olanzapine Tablets Milk Poor IN Fat 3-27% Milk Rich IN Fat 5 1% 4.6% Calf No. I Calf No. 2 Calf No. 3 Calf Cheap Zyprexa No. 4 Solids for one pound of gain Lbs. 1. 16 Lbs. .91 Lbs. 1-33 Lbs. 1.03 Solids for one pound gain, average of each pair, lbs. I . 03 I . 08 I Table VII.' MILK SOLIDS REQUIRED FOR ONE POUND OF GAIN, AVERAGE OF SIXTEEN ANIMALS. Milk Poor in Fat Milk Rich in Fat Average of 2 pair calves, 45 days . . . Average of first trial, 2 pair pigs, 40 days Lbs. 1.03 1-36 1 . 40 i.oS Lbs. 1. 18 1-77 1.56 1-37 Average of second trial, 2 pair pigs, 30 days Average of Purchase Zyprexa 2 pair lambs, 60 days . . . Average of 8 pair animals 1.22 1-47 Table \TI. shows in each case that the pair re- ceiving the milk poor in fat required less food for a Online Zyprexa Oct. 2-/, igo'J] MEDICAL Buy Zyprexa RECORD. 647 pound of Olanzapine 10 Mg gain than the pair receiving the milk rich in fat ; and the average for Zyprexa 10mg the former was 20 per cent. less. The failure of a pound of milk solids in rich milk to make equal or Olanzapine 5 Mg better gain than a pound of solids in poor milk was not due, apparently, to lack of nitrogenous material, but rather to the excess of fat or to the character of the fat. Larger fat glob- ules were found in the richer milk, and this fact in connection with the digestive disturbances would seem to indicate the reason for the larger gain from a pound of solids with the poorer milk. Another element of value for the skim milk is the fact Zyprexa 5 that from it are made the different forms of Olanzapine Risperidone cheese. The average composition of buttermilk, which is practically sour skim milk, is quite similar to that of skim milk, though it contains slightly Olanzapine 5mg less pro- tein and sugar and a very little more fat. The fuel value is about the same, about 165 calories per pint. An ordinary glass of buttermilk contains as much nourishment as half a pint of oysters or 2 ounces of bread, or a good-sized potato. (3) Large Quantity. — \ large quantity of whole milk affords a Inrsje (luantitv of skim milk, and. if Fig. 4. — Showing the difference in the meat of pigs fed on skim mil k and on milk rich in fat. a milk can Zyprexa Online be found from which an equal quantity of fat can be extracted daily and still have a large residue of skim milk for feeding young growing stock or other consumers, the advantage is only too evident, especially when experiment has shown con- clusively that the young growing animal thrives better on skim milk or milk poor in fat than on milk rich in fat. Other things being equal, the milk of a cow giving a large quantity is more desirable than that of a cow giving a small quantity, for reasons other than mere quantity as such. In Risperidone Olanzapine a cow pro- ducing a large quantity of milk one is sure to find a rugged constitution, good powers of digestion and secretion, depth of respiration, and good physiologi- cal traits in general. .Such a cow is also more lia- ble to be free from tendencies to disease. (4) Slotc Creaming. — This quality would neces- sarily indicate a good emulsion. Rapid rising of the cream shows that the fat globule is for some reason or other unable to maintain its original relation to the menstruum in which it is suspended. Usually

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