We work close to our clients. Project teams have sound experience of helping clients to formulate their wishes, of involving them in the creative phase and of creating understanding of the way the project is managed and its final result. The fact that one of our eight partners is always involved in major projects from start to finish guarantees efficacy and continuity.

Our established view is that a building and its interior design should be seen as a coherent product. New employees are often surprised by the integrated way in which our architects and interior designers work. The backgrounds, expertise and ages of our staff vary and this provides a dynamic setting with potential for development.

When there is a tendency for processes to take less and less time, efficient working methods are important. During our 17 years in the market we have developed an effective way of working that is the cornerstone of all our commissions. Involvement in the design process combined with great insight into the planning phase means that we can often go further than circumstances permit.