10 March, 2014

Sophia Maternity Hospital has opened

The new delivery clinic at Sophia Maternity Hospital has now opened and the first baby has been born there. Reflex Architects designed the new building, which is located in Sophiahemmet close to the Royal Institute of Technology and the National City Park.

“Brick was the natural choice in this sensitive setting,” says Anders Nordlund, the architect responsible for the commission at Reflex. ”We have divided the building in to smaller units to adapt to the rising ground. Large corner windows reveal that this is a modern building and at the same time offer views of the park.”

The new clinic has a capacity of 4,000 deliveries each year. The building houses a delivery unit with family rooms, a neo-natal department, operating theatres with intensive care, as well as consulting rooms. The building has been tailored to Sophia Maternity Hospital’s needs.

”The interior has been designed to conform with Sophia Maternity Hospital’s values – continuity, participation and security,” says Thea Lautrup, the Reflex architect responsible for the interior design. “Distances within the building are short so that it can operate harmoniously. Meticulous design enhances patient’s confidence and promotes effective communication and high medical standards. The materials and colours are less institutional than usual to create a secure and inviting setting.”

The functional planning and interior design have been produced together with 3dO Arkitekter. The building is the result of a competitive commission initiated by Sophiahemmet in 2009 and planned and administered by Ebab.

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