Dalen student accommodation

New development / student accommodation
local planning under way

Dalen, Enskede / for Svenska Bostäder

Dalen is a residential area with 1500 apartments built by Svenska Bostäder between 1979 and 1982. During the last ten years new infill residential units have been built in the area. The aim has been to develop Dalen and provide more accommodation in an area that is close to the underground system.

A building is planned that will provide 50 student apartments next to Sandsborg underground station, most of them with an area of 34 m2, large enough for two people. The apartments will face the generous shared entrance balconies, which offer room to park a cycle or place a few chairs and a table and are intended to encourage contact between students who have just moved to their first home of their own.

The building is designed to add a youthful and innovative feature to a residential area that is otherwise homogenous.

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