Shops in the CityCronan block

Redevelopment / extension / interior
completed 2003 / Central Stockholm
or Skanska

Redevelopment of two 1970s buildings between Regeringsgatan and Malmskillnadsgatan. This project is a model of how run-down central offices can be transformed into a new, bright urban venue with street-level shops and restaurants and rooftop apartments.

Akademibokhandeln’s flagship store is the largest ground-floor shop. Reflex was also commissioned to design the moveable fittings for Akademibokhandeln’s third-floor annexe. Books are displayed with their cover pages facing out to add colour to the premises. Apart from the colourful cash desk and bar counter, the interior is in white, grey and black. The furnishings on the fourth floor are moveable to allow rearrangement for various events.

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