Spejaren 4, Smista Allé

New development / retail / 1999 – 2017
Smista Allé, Huddinge / for Castellum

Smista Allé is a commercial area on the southern approach to Stockholm along the E4/E20 highway. Castellum has gradually been extending the area for businesses linked primarily with the car trade. Reflex has been working on the planning for the area ever since the project began, from the local plan and sketches for tenants to designing and planning the various buildings.

Spejaren 4 has been provided with a general layout so that it can be adapted to future tenants. The building comprises premises of about 12,000 m2 and about 14,000 m2 of parking.

The façade towards the E4/E20 is a large scale relief in steel plate that changes colour from silver to black in the few seconds it takes to drive past the building.

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