Interior design / completed 2011
Stockholm / for Skype

Skype is located in a former brewery in the heart of Stockholm. The scheme of this abstraction replicates itself in the flooring and in the design of the fixed interior. The idea of the bubbly furniture has evolved from the Skype logo cloud. The Skype cloud has also been reinterpreted as a cloud-shaped light fixture, shining throughout the chill out space. A major effort has been made in order to accomplish high-end accoustics in the premises with efforts such as installing and designing soft wall absorbers. These efforts have been necessary for an office that predominately works with audio- and video development. The focus on audio- and video development is visible in the interior and expressed in the unique wallpapers with prints of cables, earphones and other devices linked to the audio-video technique. The ebullient atmosphere and the vibrant colors are a direct translation from the graphics of the Skype design. The contemporary interior generates not only an eyepleasing environment but also an inspiring working place. Instead of the old fashioned offices with cubicles, this new interior creates a playful atmosphere that allows good, crazy and brilliant ideas to develop. An office should encourage a creative and playful atmosphere and the Skype office truly does that! Head architect: Peter Sahlin, Projekt architect: Mette Larsson Wedborn, Mari Owrenn, Assisting architect: Erika Janunger, Thérèse Svalling, Emilie stergaard Folkersen, Martina Eliasson, Lightning designer: Beata Denton

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