Interior design / completed 2015
Stockholm / for TUI

TUI Nordic were ready for a positive change. One that could induce new energy and facilitate meetings and interaction among the approximately 440 members of staff. Situated in the amazing old brewery Munchenbryggeriet, overlooking the water in central Stockholm, TUI was happy to be able to stay thanks to a new layout, freeing area to dispose of. The brief was to create a working environment to support the modern way of working. No more large personal desks and fully booked meeting rooms. Instead a choice of work places suited to fit the task at hand: either a smaller desk with double screens, or a hot desk, a quiet sofa group, the café etc. The renovated and modernized premises now include the Piazza, for working, meetings, eating; a larger gym, lots of smaller meeting rooms and many points for spontaneous meetings. The roughly 5000 m2 of officespace surprises its visitors by its calm yet energetic atmosphere, its quietness despite the open plan and the harmonious choice of colours and lighting. Smile! Head architect: Peter Sahlin, Projekt architect: Mari Owren, Beata Denton, Assisting architect: Julia Falås, Lightning designer: Beata Denton

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