Urban Escape, T29

Redevelopment and new development
building starts 2017 – 2019
Central Stockholm / for AMF fastigheter

The commercial property built in central Stockholm in the 1960s and 1970s now faces the need of extensive renovation and it has to be upgraded to meet new demands and requirements. T29 is situated at the corner of an area that has seen a major transformation and stands out as a visual symbol of the whole of Urban Escape facing Sergels torg – the most central place in Sweden.

The building will be given two new storeys and an entirely new champagne-tinted design with shining glass. Metal arcs that stretch across the glazed upper storey to land at what used to be the base of the roof draw attention to the new extension.

The façade is intended to provide a living, glittering, champagne-tinted “skin”, with both opaque, transparent and translucent elements that consist of vertical aluminium rectangles, screen-printed glass and clear glass.

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