High-rise in Göteborg

New development / Potential building start in 2017 / Göteborg

In Göteborg Reflex is developing a new 30-storey building for Platzer in the Gårda district, an area of expansive development that is close to the city centre. In recent years the area has been modernised and grown with both new accommodation and premises and in the past few years several new high-rise buildings have been erected along the E6 highway. In addition several new high-rise buildings are being planned for the southern part of the district.

The new building, close to the existing Canon building, is an elliptical office block which could potentially be a new landmark in the area. The building will be able to offer several service functions, such as conference facilities, cafés and restaurants, which will make the day-to-day activities of the tenants simpler. The building will be linked to the existing Canon block, which is also being refurbished and modernised.

In all about 28,000 m2 of service and office premises will be created in the 30-storey new elliptical block. Together with the existing building of about 25,000 m2, the block will have a total area of about 53,000 m2. Building could start at the end of 2017 and occupants move in during 2019. Local planning is under way and on 26 April 2016 the local planning and building committee decided that the plan should be exhibited for consultation.

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