New development /building starts 2018/  
Göteborg / for Platzer and NCC

The name of Kineum is based on the Greek kineo – to set in motion – which reflects the intention behind the creation of a building that will be a forum for innovation, creativity and meetings. Reflex is designing the new 25-storey building for Platzer and NCC in Gårda, an expansive development area close to the centre of Göteborg. This area next to the E6 highway has recently been modernised and has grown with new residential areas and offices, as well as a number of both newly-built and planned high rise buildings.

As a result of this development there is a wide variety in scale and different annual growth rings in the built environment. Kineum is intended to reconcile these differences and at the same time create a dynamic venue in front of the building, which is linked to the existing Canon building.

In all the new building will provide about 30,000 square metres of service and office premises. Its design affirms its uniqueness and offers a self-aware individuality with great charisma and self-confidence.

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