Medicon Village Office Building

New development /
Lund / Peab / for Medicon Village

With its central position at the end of a new square in Lund, this new office building will be the face Medicon Village presents to the city. It will play an important role in the growing urban district with offices, research facilities, hotel and accommodation. The square will function as the area’s social hub and incorporates the main entrance to the Medicon Village Research Park.
The exterior has been designed as an explicitly legible growth ring in the existing building stock. The façade facing south on to the square has abundant glazing and forms a living wall with balconies and a terrace. The ground floor houses premises with outreach activities, and an arcade along the square offers a passageway protected from the weather and inviting areas for rest and relaxation.

The building has an explicit structure offering efficient and well lit office space grouped around two lightwells. The interior is imbued with youthfulness and a campus atmosphere. The inward-facing surfaces will be of high quality and executed in long-lasting, beautiful and environmentally graded products.

The total area will amount to about 16,000 square metres.

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