Skatteverket (Taxation Authority) Solna

Redevelopment and extension / Move-in date 2012–2013 / Solna Strand / for Fabege

The taxation authority is locating both its head office and Stockholm office in the Nöten block at Solna Strand. The building is undergoing total refurbishment to modern office standards. The design of the new sections of the building uses modern materials such as glass and naturally anodised aluminium to contrast with the solid 1970s brickwork. The two storey-entrances lead directly into the glazed light wells, linked to form a concourse to encourage casual encounters. The new stairways and lifts are located by the light wells to provide dynamic motion. Glazed buildings link the block’s different sections and unite the floors in which the offices are located. Around the light wells are shared rooms for training sessions and meetings, the library, the canteen and a lecture room seating 150 listeners.

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