Urban Escape, T31

Redevelopment and new development
Building start 2015 – 2017

Central Stockholm / for AMF fastigheter

The T31 project is an example of a complex redevelopment and extension project for an office building in the central city in which the façade has the task of melding the existing blocks as well as a three-storey extension into a coherent whole.

The entire building will be clad in metal of a warm copper hue which the play of light will alter, enliven and change in appearance each hour of the day. Different rhythmic variations, window sizes and treatment of the material means the some aspects of the building’s history can still be perceived.

The surface consists of a pigmented monochrome copper layer on stainless steel and is 100 per cent recyclable to fit in with the sustainable building policy of the architect and builder.

One element of sustainable building is to return to the city what has been taken from it – and for this reason an urban park will be arranged on the roof with vegetation, reflective areas of water and arbours enclosed by climbing plants. This will foster a variety of species and biotopes in the centre of the city and can be enjoyed by the city’s inhabitants.

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